North Beach

I moved to San Francisco in 2014, right after college. Since that time, I’ve lived in the same apartment. In my time in this city, I’ve only ever lived in this neighborhood.

When I meet people who also live in San Francisco (usually, they are also transplants), and I say I’m in North Beach, the response is mostly a distressed head nod, “Oh I see… I live off Valencia” they will say.

During this exchange I’m imagining the images of North Beach going through their minds. The disasters of Pier 39, German tourists in capri pants, over-priced, terrible Italian food.

And they would be right. North Beach has gobs of bad pasta, tourists, and Pier 39s.

But hidden there under the layer of nasty, there is something special.

Over the next few months, I will be writing about places and people in North Beach that have had an effect on me. What are you interested in?

Until that time, this page is happily under construction