Moving to SF

It was the summer of 2014 when I received a FaceTime call from Jayson Hobby.

The first thing on the screen: a pixelated Golden Gate Bridge visible through French windows and fog in the distance.

The second thing on the screen: an excited Jayson face taking me on a shakey-cam tour of an apartment.

He said, before inhaling necessary oxygen, “Ok it's in North Beach, it's a dope neighborhood and it has high ceilings and a view of the bridge. Let’s move here”

On the other side of the line, I was squinting at a iPhone 5 screen in Portland trying to see what he was talking about—all while trying to decide what should be done with the rest of my post-college existence.

I jumped. Within 3 weeks I moved. Completely blind, from Portland to San Francisco. New apartment. Me, Jayson, Jayson’s cat (name: Kat).