This website is set in Lucida Sans for Windows users and Lucida Grande for Mac users. Lucida was drawn in 1984 by Charles Bigelow, an early forebearer of digital type design.

Scratch that, it was originally set in Lucida Sans, and might someday soon. But I needed more legibility. This afterall is a site about the reader—not my undying thirst for novelty fonts hidden inside everyone's computer.

So—to hurry things along—for Mac users I've set this site in SF Text, by the nameless type designers at .

For Windows, we'll go with their system font, Segoe UI – a font I spent 4 months staring at while I worked on the Microsoft account at an advertising agency.1


This personal site is built atop the enterprise grade, Bodybuilder blogging platform, which I've created myself. With this platform I am able to spin up sites fast as Markdown, and woosh them up to the web as HTML flat files.

I am using Makefile as my build system, due to the influence of my great teacher David Chambers.

Engaging Users

For the buttons () I am using Firebase to store the counters and the aforementioned blogging platform to simply and easily add new ones at my choosing.

They are reset each week, with the hope of people coming back for Fresh Buttons on a weekly basis.

  1. Segoe, interestingly, is a nearly 1:1 knockoff of Frutiger. What a great font to use on my site!